Welcome Fest 2024
Starting off the student year with a bang, Welcome Fest is one of USU’s biggest events with over 200 club stalls, live music from Australian artists, freebies and events. It’s an event to welcome new students as well as welcome back returning ones.

This year’s visual identity looked at a refresh of the brand from the previous year to a more vivid approach that explored the use of composition and dimension to activate excitement within the branding.

Being able to focus less on building the brand up from scratch, a large focus was put towards activating the event by bringing some new initiatives for students promoting connection and community. In reflection of student feedback surveys we put out last year, there was a large emphasis on there being a lack of community seen on campus. In response, we looked at the missed opportunities scattered across the event to respond to student’s wants and needs. This year we brought in Jenga towers with question prompts attached, food truck waiting line prompts that help students start a conversation, corflute cubes to create eye-catching marketing moments, a branded photo wall opportunity featuring sponsors plus many more.

SHENOSAKIPortfolio 2024